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Quality Guard Latest case study

Hosting for “the Internet of Things”

Since the Quality Guard app helps constantly ensure food safety in butchers’ shops, it must be online at all times, without exception.
Combell developed a custom solution for them, which allows them to meet their commitments to their own customers.

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Wim Van Gierdegom

Managing Director

“Since Combell has been taking care of our hosting, the 100% uptime guarantee has allowed us to rest easy again”

Quality Guard

Their app must always be online in order to continue to ensure food safety.

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Thanks to Combell cloud hosting, we can now have our employees work all over Flanders, close to our customers

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SwingGroup was looking for a scalable and flexible hosting solution that enables them to grow.

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The Belgian company MoveteX specialises in mathematical optimisation techniques and algorithms that allow to efficiently solve complex planning problems.

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Securely exchanging and storing data for their self-learning artificial intelligence chip.

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Custom hosting of virtual reality apps with fast loading times, even when traffic peaks.

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Strict protection for their artificial intelligence app so that nobody can get hold of Hollywood movie scripts.

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They wanted 100% uptime for their website and apps, even when traffic peaks on weekends.

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Hosting capable of absorbing traffic peaks after a radio advertising campaign, which their previous hosting provider could not guarantee.

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They want to fully focus on their business and let reliable experts take care of hosting.

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Reseller hosting you can rely on, even when traffic peaks.

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Dream IT

They wanted to resell hosting themselves for the websites and apps they developed for their customers.

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Free but reliable hosting for a start-up with an innovative idea.

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Scalable hosting solution, ready to grow along with the chain of hair salons.

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A stable environment to host educational material for hundreds of thousands of pupils.

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Xpert in control

Reliable hosting for their app that helps ensure building safety.

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Their website and dealer portal must be prepared for the rush of the Motor Show.

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Making sure that all the data are available at all times in every office of their rental company.

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They were looking for a reliable partner to host their services.

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Their website and web store must be available at all times in order for them not to lose money.

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Reliable hosting with free support for the websites they build.

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Minoc Business Press

100% uptime for the websites of Clicks, ZDnet.be, PC magazine, etc.

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Registering domain names worldwide and protecting their trademark from abuse.

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