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The family amusement park Plopsaland, where children can meet their TV heroes such as Samson & Gert, Mega Mindy, Piet Piraat, etc., is part of a larger concern named Plopsa. This concern owns a total of 6 amusement parks, including theme parks in the Netherlands and Germany. Together, they welcome almost 3 million visitors a year.

Plopsa’s request

100% uptime, even when traffic peaks

The websites of the different parks welcome quite a lot of visitors who want to plan their day trip to the park.
Plopsa also provides various park apps, which have very useful features for when you visit the park, including reminders when a show is about to start.

Bank holidays, school holidays and sunny days are very busy times for the parks.
The website and the apps must be able to handle these peaks and be easily accessible.

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“Since Combell has been taking care of our hosting, the 100% uptime guarantee has allowed us to rest easy again”


Sebastien Momerency

Manager Digital Marketing

Our solution

100% uptime and free support

Our experts came up with a hosting solution with a cloud server tailored to the specific needs of Plopsa.

In the past, hosting was a real problem, and we were very apprehensive of busy times. Since the hosting of the website and the park apps has been centralised at Combell, the 100% uptime guarantee has allowed us to rest easy again.

  • The 100% uptime guarantee puts our minds at ease
  • The availability of our support is a major advantage

Combell’s assets, according to Plopsa

The availability of support is a major advantage, which guarantees that any possible problem will be solved quickly. “In addition, the Combell team has a cool and relaxed way of working, as well as a certain sense of collegiality, like we have”, says Sebastien Momerency, Manager Digital Marketing at Plopsa.

“As a premium brand, we try to collaborate with brands that also stand for quality. Combell is currently the best brand in the Belgian hosting sector.”


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