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Hosting for an artificial intelligence app

ScriptBook uses artificial intelligence to predict whether or not a certain script is worth making a movie out of it. Not only does the result of the AI analysis reveal whether or not a film, based on a certain scenario, can become a big hit, but it also provides insight into the storyline, the target audience and the market positioning. This technology is not really intended to spot future blockbusters, but rather to avoid expensive flops.

Scriptbook’s request

Hosting offering excellent security

In the past, the price was the main determining factor when choosing hosting, whereas after the seed round, the reliability of a professional hosting became much more important.
ScriptBook was looking for hosting that meets strict requirements. Not only did the AI tool need to be able to offer the necessary computing power, but studios, which apply strict NDAs, also required the utmost confidentiality.

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Our solution

Extremely secure servers

  • Virtual servers, which are shared with third parties, were out of the question
  • Combell thus presented a managed cloud solution, whereby hosting runs on its own physical machines
  • As an additional protection, Combell presented a network-level zoning system, with clustered dedicated firewalls

Combell’s assets, according to Scriptbook

  • A reliable and professional partner
  • A custom solution tailored to the specific needs of ScriptBook, which also meets the security requirements of Hollywood studios
  • Powerful cloud servers ensure both confidentiality and computing power

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