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Fast loading times, even when traffic peaks

Zelfbouwmarkt is a DIY store in Ninove, with 7 specialised departments under one roof (kitchen, bathroom, doors and windows, floors, lighting…). Customers can choose the desired product in the 5,500 m² showroom and then collect the goods in the 10,000 m² warehouse.

Zelfbouwmarkt’s request

Absorbing traffic peaks after a radio advertising campaign

Domain names Hosting ? Managed hosting E-mail ? Tools ? Reseller ? ? SUPPORT ? WEBMAIL ? CONTROL PANEL? CART0Fast loading times, even when traffic peaksZelfbouwmarktThe website is very important for Zelfbouwmarkt: customers use it to discover the range of products, check out the folder with special offers and find tips to choose the best products. Zelfbouwmarkt also regularly run radio and TV ads, and notices that many people visit the website shortly after they have been broadcasted. Zelfbouwmarkt was looking for hosting services that meet the following requirements:

  • The website, based on a Drupal CMS, is quite heavy, with many pictures and videos. They must load fast.
  • Every month, an average of 60,000 people visit the site, but the peaks generated by advertising campaigns must also be absorbed.
  • No website downtime , which often occurred with the previous hosting provider
  • Provision of detailed information about hosting, and a clear explanation is given about what caused downtime, should it ever occur

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“With Combell, the loading speed of our Drupal website is much faster than with our previous hosting provider.”


Stijn Desmet

Co-Managing Director, Zelfbouwmarkt

Our solution

A dedicated cloud server

Together with the IT department, our experts developed a custom solution. We went for a dedicated cloud server, with specifications tailored to the needs of Zelfbouwmarkt.

  • Much faster than before: the computing power is no longer shared. Instead, it is exclusively used for the Zelfbouwmarkt website.
  • Maximal uptime: Thanks to the guarantees that come with our SLAs
  • free support: In the event of problems or unexpected downtime, we are immediately ready to implement structural and fast solutions.

Combell’s assets, according to Zelfbouwmarkt

  • Excellent value for money: reliable, fast hosting, at an affordable price.
  • free support manned by experts capable of intervening appropriately.
  • Also, if Zelfbouwmarkt ever decides to have a larger website in the future or start selling its products online, Combell would still be the ideal partner: thanks to its flexibility, Combell can come up with a hosting solution adapted to these new circumstances.

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