Manage your own backup in your Combell control panel

Combell strives to allow you to autonomously manage the components and features of your hosting as much as possible. That is why you can now make backups via your control panel and restore them yourself.

New feature: backup & restore

Obviously, Combell was already making backups but now you no longer have to request the helpdesk to restore a backup: you can do this yourself! Plus, you can very easily download the backup. This is useful when:

  • You want to make a backup yourself to an external medium
  • You want to set up a temporary database in a test environment
  • You want to restore your production database with the backup that you have, even in the middle of the night!

What is a phishing e-mail and how can you tell it is a fake e-mail?

Making unsuspecting users believe they are dealing with a trustworthy entity in order to steal money or confidential information from them, or infect them with malware: this is, in a nutshell, what is meant by ‘phishing’. But what exactly lies behind this type of online scam? And how can you avoid falling into the trap of a phishing e-mail?

What is the purpose of a phishing e-mail?

Basically, cybercriminals increasingly make use of phishing techniques because it is much easier to get people to click on a link than breaking into their computers.

Want to become a Combell Partner? 7 reasons to say yes!

As an IT service provider, you most probably manage domains, hosting accounts, databases and such for various customers. But have you ever checked out the benefits you could enjoy as a Combell Partner (aka a Reseller)? Contrary to what some people might think, a “reseller” is not a salesperson who hits the road with a briefcase in order to persuade people to buy products that they actually do not need. On the contrary, a Reseller is someone who, since he has several customers, can purchase products “in bulk” and therefore negotiate better conditions.