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You can definitely believe in what our customers say.

Handelen in Leuven vzw

It is simple and user-friendly, much more convenient than the new version you recently launched, which is so complicated that I don't like working with it.

Actually, no.

Casa Llebeig

Almost everything. Also very easy to update.

No, everything goes smoothly.

herba - topvoeding

the fact that I'm free to build my site with the number of pages I want

It has now been a long time since I've built the website, but I remember that I was unable to change the image at the top. Notwithstanding the fact that, according to the manual, it should have been pretty simple. Now, I eventually managed to access the image, and it really matches the design of the site

Psychologisch consulente Anne Cielen

I just find it convenient to work with. You can create your own, nice-looking, website in no time.

Yes, the images in the header area were sometimes shifted or were suddenly a different size, or the text disappeared. It is also impossible to edit the text you’ve put on it. You need to create and upload a new image with text – every time. So, that required quite a lot of work and time. But in the end, we finally managed to get a different image in the header area of each page.

Vrije zwemmers nieuwpoort

Clear and easy to use

No. The only thing missing here is an option for an intranet, or perhaps I haven't found it yet :)

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