Managed Private Cloud hostingGuaranteed uptime and phenomenal performance

A private cloud is an infrastructure that is always designed according to your needs after a thorough analysis of your needs carried out by our cloud specialists. A private cloud is particularly suited to large companies or websites with strict requirements in terms of capacity or security.

  • Bespoke architecture
  • Managed by specialists
  • 100% secure in a super fast network

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Managed Private Cloud hosting

With a private cloud, you benefit from your own dedicated cloud environment. So, you do not share the cloud's hardware infrastructure with others, as you would with a public cloud. The advantage is that you benefit from more freedom and better flexibility. You can easily add extra resources and capacity without any downtime.

Multi-Tier network

This is an example of a multi-tier network:
The web servers are in an isolated network that, in technical jargon, is called a DMZ (DeMilitarized Zone). Its aim is that the servers that are in direct contact with the outside world arrive in this zone.

This network is protected by a double firewall, one between the Internet and the internal network and the other one between the internal network and the underlying database and application servers. This way, there is a protection at 2 different levels.

Multi-Tier network

Private Backend

This is an example of a network that acts as an extension of the customer's back-office. This network usually contains Exchange servers, SharePoint servers, Active Directory servers and file servers.
In principle, this is possible with public cloud and private cloud.

Multi-Tier network
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Private Hybrid cloud

This is an example of a private hybrid cloud: Here, we will combine a private cloud with an SQL cluster based on dedicated hardware. This is ideal with databases with extremely heavy loads. For such heavy applications, virtualisation is not always the best solution.
Thanks to the clustering technology, both nodes are actively used and high availability is also guaranteed.

Private Hybrid cloud

Multi-data centre cloud (multi-cloud)

In this scenario, we will spread the platform over 2 different sites. Firewalling and load balancing are also redundantly spread over both data centres. Here, the resources from both sites can always be used.
If a disaster happens in 1 of both data centres, the other data centre will temporarily process all the traffic.

Multi-data centre cloud (multi-cloud)

The 4 pillars of our Private Cloud

We guarantee you the best possible Private Cloud solution

We protect your privacy

We protect your privacy

  • Thanks to efficient firewalls and encrypted connections
  • Protected against DDoS attacks
  • ISO 9001 and ISO 27001 certified

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A Private Cloud that delivers outstanding performance

A Private Cloud that delivers outstanding performance

  • Thanks to premium hardware and software (NetApp, VMware, Dell...)
  • The fastest network in the Benelux
  • Fast connections to the Internet

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Uptime guaranteed

Uptime guaranteed

  • Our data centres remain online, even in the event of a blackout
  • Our experts monitor everything 24/7 and react proactively
  • Excellent SLA guarantees

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International expertise

International expertise

  • Internationally renowned experts will help you set up your Private Cloud
  • Our support is available every day
  • Thanks to our DevOps approach, we will even optimise your code

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