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MySQL Database & MS SQL Database Hosting

Below, you will find an overview of our MySQL 5 and Microsoft SQL Server 2014 database packages, priced according to their capacity. It is possible to pay in advance, for one month or for one or several years.

MySQL Database
Capacity Per month MySQL 5
500 MB € 5.00 Order
1 GB € 10.00 Order
2 GB € 15.00 Order

Free support

Do you have any questions about your database hosting? Feel free to contact our helpdesk.

External access

Log in to your MySQL or SQL database wherever you are.


We always make automatic and permanent backups of your entire database.

Why choose Database Hosting with Combell? High availability, easy management

With a MySQL database or SQL database provided by Combell, you can benefit from the security provided by a clustered cloud environment.

Free database with hosting

Are you going for Linux hosting with Combell? In that case, database hosting is always included. Find out more about our web hosting solutions.

Always available

Your database runs in a clustered hosting environment that is fully redundant. This means that each server and each internal connection are duplicated. This way, your database can be online at all times!

Easy management

You can manage your database via well-known tools such as PhpMyAdmin, MySQLFront and Aqua Data Studio for MySQL, and Microsoft SQL Management Studio for MS SQL.

Active monitoring

We permanently monitor all traffic to the servers. If we notice anything suspicious or an unexpected high number of users, our system will operate automatically and proactively.

Load balancing

Our load balancers distribute the traffic to your database so that you can always get the most out of our infrastructure.

A tailored database?

Do you have a large or complex database that generates much traffic? We can find a solution tailored to your needs. Please contact our sales department.

Do you need any help? Free support

Hi, my name is Bart. Do you have any questions about our MySQL and Microsoft SQL database hosting? Feel free to contact me.

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