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Frequently asked questions about our e-mail hosting services

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, indeed! Every day, we back up all e-mails and other data that are on our servers. In the event of a failure, we would be able to restore all your e-mails in seconds. However, take into account that such a server backup does not allow to restore just one e-mail. Therefore, we advise you to also make local backups. Regardless of which e-mail hosting package you choose, your data are totally safe with us. Besides regularly backing up your e-mails, we also handle your data with the utmost confidentiality.
Our mailboxes support all mobile devices and tablets.
With ActiveSync e-mail or pull e-mail, it is as if you regularly went to the post office to pick up your mail yourself. When you configure your Exchange mailbox on your mobile phone or smartphone, with Microsoft ActiveSync, you can even set the intervals at which a connection is made with the server. It is as if you pulled your e-mails from the server. Unlike push e-mail that requires your smartphone to be permanently online, pull e-mail requires significantly less power and does not eat up the batteries of your smartphone, tablet or computer as quickly.
Office Mail is based on the IMAP protocol. And Exchange Mail is based on the Exchange protocol. Both make sure that your e-mail can be checked via just any device and that it is up-to-date at any time.With Exchange Mail, we take things a step further. With this mailbox, your agenda, your contacts and your tasks are also constantly synchronised with your e-mail. If you add contacts, appointments and to-do items on your smartphone or tablet, you will see them instantly on all your other devices. This way, all your devices are in sync.
Push e-mail can be compared with the mail that your postman puts every day in your mailbox. So, you do not have to log in and pick up your e-mails yourself. It is a technology that synchronises your e-mail with your mobile phone or PDA. Your e-mails are sent or "pushed" automatically and in real time to your e-mail client. Combell is responsible for this. Push e-mail requires a permanent connection with the mail server. Your telecom provider is responsible for this.
Yes, you can. You can perfectly import your current mailbox in our Exchange e-mail environment. This allows you to have all your current appointments and e-mails in your new Exchange mailbox. So, you do not have to create a new agenda.
No problem! Via our user-friendly control panel, you can very easily set an out-of-office reply. This automatic reply lets everyone who sends you an e-mail know that you are away.
When the content of your mailbox is about to reach your storage space limit, you will be notified about this via e-mail. With Combell, you can upgrade your mailbox at any time. That is another reason why we are "your host on the Internet"; we make sure that you can use the possibilities of Internet and today's technologies optimally to your advantage.
Absolutely! With each Basic & Office mailbox, you benefit from a free basic antivirus and anti-spam filter. With our Exchange mailboxes, you also benefit from our advanced Mailprotect protection.
With Mailprotect, all the e-mails that go through our Mailprotect servers are stored & carefully checked for viruses, spam & spyware (at the level of the servers). When your mail server is not available, our Mailprotect servers store your e-mails and deliver them once your server is available again.
Mailprotect is also available as an option with our Basic & Office mailboxes for only EUR 1.5 per month.
Our support pages contain an extensive user's guide that allows you to install our e-mail services on your devices. Moreover, after you placed your order, we will also send you a few files that will allow you to install your mailboxes with one single click and in an entirely automatic manner.
If you still have questions, Combell's support team is ready to help you every day. Call us on our number +31 (0)20 796 9999 or send an e-mail to our helpdesk.
In order to avoid spam, we limited the number of e-mails sent via our SMTP service to 300 mails. If you exceed this limit, your account will be blocked for 24 hours. Should you want to send more e-mails, that is perfectly possible. Please contact our sales department for further information.

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