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Where can I find the mail headers in Mac Mail?

The mail header is a piece of text coming with your e-mail message that carries information about that message. You can use it to try and find out the message path, or to troubleshoot issues with sending/reaching the recipient. The headers are a piece of code, so most mail clients will not show them by default. To uncover them, follow the steps in the tutorial bellow:

  1. Open your Mac Mail App.
  2. Select a message from your inbox and open it.Open the message from your mailbox
  3. On your menu at the top, click on ‘View’.Click on 'View'
  4. From the dropdown menu go to “Message” and then choose “All headers”.Message > All headers
  5. Return to the opened message and on the right you can see the details of the header.Return to the opened message
Updated on 29 February 2020

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