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Managed Business

7.48 /month*
PROMO €15.99/month

and choose your free domain name

Managed Professional

14.95 /month*
PROMO €31.49/month

and choose your free domain name

Managed Expert

29.95 /month*
PROMO €52.49/month

and choose your free domain name
Full SSD
50 GB 100 GB 250 GB
Test environments
A copy of your website where you can test all new features before implementing them on your actual website.
1 2 3
Number of linked domains Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
Number of subdomains
e.g. :
Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
Data traffic Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
MySQL version 5.7: With WordPress, you only need 1 database per website or test environment.
1 GB 5 GB 10 GB
HTTPS protection
Via Let’s Encrypt SSL certificates
WordPress without the limitations of
Pre-installed WordPress
WordPress 4.3 to 5.4. Please choose your version in your shopping cart
Upload your own plugins and themes
Adapting designs without any limitations
No reference to
No ads like on
Combell service makes your life easier
Free domain name
For the first year. The following year, you will pay the regular annual price.
24/7 support
via e-mail and a phone number
Advanced support Advanced support Advanced support
Website transfer service
Butler transfer service

Butler transfer service
WordPress management
We keep an eye on your WordPress installation and install plugins and themes at your request.
WordPress and plugin updates
We test and install available updates. This way, we can keep your website up to date for you.
Uptime monitoring
of our hosting cluster
Uptime monitoring of your website
Performance monitoring
WordPress Network (Multisite)
Outstanding performance guaranteed
The more performance, the faster your website, and the more visitors it can handle...
APCu 128 MB 128 MB 128 MB
Varnish 128 MB 128 MB 1024 MB
Protection of your website thanks to Combell Shield
Automatic backups Daily Daily Daily
Saving backups 14 days 30 days 30 days
Extra backup stored in another location
One-click backup restore
Malware scanner
Works as an antivirus program
Auto-patching New
Preventively detect and fix vulnerabilities in your website
Automatic security updates
Critical patching
Web filter
DDoS protection
With NAWAS filter
Logging tools & IP Blocking
A handy control panel
FTP users Max. 10 Max. 100 Max. 1000
DNS management
Managing Secure Shell access (SSH keys)
More secure than standard FTP access
PHPMyAdmin access
Managing site settings
Security, activating SSL...
Advanced server statistic
Cron support
Your website is hosted in Belgium's best data centre
Location Brussels Brussels Brussels
Data centres 2 x TIER 3+ 2 x TIER 3+ 2 x TIER 3+
Uptime guarantee
thanks to various features, including guaranteed power supply, even in the event of a blackout
99,999% 99,999% 99,999%
High Availability
Automatic reboot in the event of hardware failure
Redundant network
A backup infrastructure is always available to avoid any single point of failure
Quality guarantee ISO 9001/27001 ISO 9001/27001 ISO 9001/27001
Free mailboxes with each package
Free extra services with each package
Money-back guarantee
Free "Number 1 in Google" e-book
Free Flexmail account
Build e-mail campaigns and send them to 200 contacts for free.
<@email_marketing_flexmail|>Discover all the possibilities
Max. 5 campaigns per month Max. 5 campaigns per month Max. 5 campaigns per month
7.48 /month*
PROMO €15.99/month

and choose your free domain name
14.95 /month*
PROMO €31.49/month

and choose your free domain name
29.95 /month*
PROMO €52.49/month

and choose your free domain name
* Price for the 1st year; for the following years, normal price will apply.

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