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The next generation hosting platform

Speed, scalability and maximum availability

Impressive performance

All the components of our packages, like the web server (Apache), the database server (MySQL), e-mail systems and DNS run on separate clusters in our cloud. These clusters have been optimised for specific use. Updates are performed in the background, with no downtime, which is one of clustered hosting's unique assets.

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State-of-the-art technology

We developed and maintain the cloud platform 100% using our own expertise. For this, we have a team of system managers and developers, who use outstanding tools such as VMware virtualisation software, NetApp storage solutions and Cisco switching technology.

Maximum scalability

Start small and grow fast? The next generation hosting platform grows with your business in the cloud. And our cloud is ready for the future. Soon, we will launch new, revolutionary hosting packages that are 100% tailored to your needs. The sky is the limit!

Secure and always available

From network-level DDoS attack protection to 24/7 monitoring, including multi-data centre support and SAN storage: our platform guarantees you 100% uptime, with an infrastructure hosted in the best data centres in Brussels. Your data is stored locally and secure with us.

Combell's infrastructure & data centres

Multi-layer cluster

We support both Linux and Windows platforms, side-by-side, without any problem. We also offer private and white-labelled versions of each element. This way, you can use our hosting services in your own products, with no reference to Combell.

Intuitive interface

Via a user-friendly control panel, you can manage all the elements of your website, web store or application. Intuitive and based on our experience of over 10 years in the field of hosting. The control panel was created and is maintained by our own development team. We always listen to our customers and constantly adjust to their needs.

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