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Quality Hoster

Low cost hoster

Data centre
Quality of the data centre Tier 3+ and 4 Tier 3 Tier 1 or 2
Multiple data centres
Personal space in the data centre
Personal cabling in the data centre
Network speed Extremely fast
Minimum 20 Gbit/s on the core network
Good OK
In-house data centre engineers
for quick on-site interventions
24/7 monitoring by a NOC team
Isolated network
for access and storage
BGP network
your data traffic automatically chooses the fastest route to the Internet
Our own MPLS backbone
provides scalability and flexibility
Direct access to AMS-IX
with our own edge routers in this European node in Amsterdam
Internet connection Multiple providers Multiple providers A single provider
Bandwidth to the Internet Extremely high (10 x 10 Gbit) Good Bad
Hardware Major brands with guarantees Major brands Low-cost minor brands
In-house stock with spare parts
Virtualisation technology Premium - VMware Premium Open source
Guarantees on virtualisation technology
HA - High Availability
handles hardware failures
avoids problems by proactively balancing the load
allows to perform maintenance tasks on the virtualisation platform with no downtime
Storage SSD + Enterprise NetApp SSD Accelerated Local storage
NetApp Redundant cluster
for storage
Operating systems Linux and Windows Linux and Windows Linux
External validation
of the security processes
ISO 9001 - ISO 27001
Protected against DDoS attacks Optional
Shared firewall Free 10 Gbit Juniper firewall Optional
Dedicated Firewall Optional
free support in your own language
Support provided by experts Directly on the line Directly on the line
Technical knowledge Everyone in the team has a
strong level of knowledge
Part of the team has a
strong level of knowledge
Limited knowledge
often outsourced
Support up to the OS
DevOps team
optimises the code of your application
Contact options E-mail and free phone E-mail and phone E-mail or chat
Account management Personal account manager
SLA service level agreement With recovery waiting times
guaranteed by high penalties
With response waiting times
without recovery guarantee
Complex server solutions Everything is possible
thanks to our extensive expertise
Many things are possible
but depend on in-house knowledge

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