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How does it work?

Reseller hosting

Activate a hosting package in 2 steps

Via our control panel, you can create your own plans (service packs). After that, you can activate a package for your customer with the chosen plan.


Create your own plan

These are the specifications you give to your customers

Pick a name for your product and determine the specifications yourself.

    You can choose these specifications as you like :
  • Max 250 GB of webspace
  • Number of FTP users
  • Unlimited number of databases
  • Unlimited number of mailboxes


Activate packages for your customers

Allocate a plan to your customers

Activating a new package for a customer is child’s play. Just select the correct plan (service pack) and enter the domain name.
After that, allow your customer to access it and choose whether he must log in via Combell’s control panel or via the white-labelled control panel.

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