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Create your own hosting packages

Reseller hosting

Step 1 Choose a package as a basis for your own hosting plan

As a Reseller, you can choose from 2 packages: Pro and Ultimate.
They have different specifications, but also a fixed purchase price for you.

  • Pro works well for most websites.
  • Ultimate is recommended for a more demanding website.

Check out the 2 packages
Choose a package as a basis for your own hosting plan

Step 2 Create your own plans or "service packs"

In your Reseller dashboard, you can create your own plans based on the chosen package. We call such plans "service packs".
For each service pack, you can determine the resale price and the following specifications:

  • Quantity of webspace: max. 450 or 500 GB depending on the package
  • Number of databases: max. 100 or 250 depending on the package
  • Number of mailboxes: max. 500 or 750 depending on the package

Tip: The price you pay us per package remains the same, no matter how many specs you add to the service pack.
By creating a larger (and more expensive) package for your customers, you only increase your profit margin. Take a look at our example.
Example of service packs based on the same Pro package. The specs and resale price are different, but the purchase price remains the same.
Pro with limited specs
  • 5 GB of webspace
  • 5 mailboxes (75 GB each)
  • 1 database (2 GB)
  • Your resale price: €10
  • You pay: €7.49
  • Your profit: €2.51
Pro with maximum specs
  • 450 GB of webspace
  • 500 mailboxes (75 GB each)
  • 100 databases (2 GB each)
  • Your resale price: €20
  • You pay: €7.49
  • Your profit: €12.51

Step 3 Activate packages for your customers

Did you bring in a new client? Nice work! Go to the Reseller dashboard.

  • Activate a hosting package.
  • Now, select the desired "service pack" to determine the specifications your customer will be able to enjoy.
  • Pick the domain name for the website and you are done!

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Activate packages for your customers
Tip: The more packages you activate, the lower the price per package you pay us. Show prices
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Do you need hosting for larger projects?

Do you need more performance?

You can also create "service packs" with our Dedicated web hosting. You will then be able to benefit from the dedicated resources of an entire web server for a single package. This solution is ideal for projects that require more resources (CPU, RAM...).

Dedicated web hosting also comes with an SLA, which offers guaranteed response and recovery times. In critical situations, you will receive immediate assistance.

Dedicated web hosting is offered with a flat 10% discount.

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