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Powerful servers with 24/7 support

For any application and budget

Virtual Private Server VPS

For hosting one large or many small websites

You get a large portion of a server with your own dedicated resources.

Tailored to the needs of developers

Share your server according to your needs using the Plesk control panel.

We manage and protect your server

Your server settings are now your only concern.

From €22.02/month


Tailored managed hosting

A hosting solution tailored to meet the needs of your company

Any hosting technology is possible.

Outstanding performance

Thanks to advanced technology such as VMware and NetApp.

Guaranteed online thanks to our SLA

24/7 Monitoring, a direct emergency line for quick intervention, ...

We manage and secure everything

So that you can fully focus on your core business.

Price on request

Managed hosting

Which server will best meet your needs?

Check out our guide

Why purchase a server from Combell?Fast, reliable and with the best support at all times

The fastest servers on the markethosted in Belgium’s best data centres

With a fast and high quality server, you can guarantee your website visitors the best experience with superfast load times.

Combell provides these fast servers that deliver the best performance under any circumstances.
You also get to use a gigantic network that is twice as large as that of an average hosting provider, which explains why Combell is 4 times faster than its competitors.

Your server is always onlineYou do not depend on a single server

Do not take any chances with your website. Make sure that you are always online.
We at Combell offer the best uptime guarantees!

  • Hardware failure? We will automatically start a new server for you in just a few seconds.
  • Fully redundant network. From the smallest cable to the cooling for your server... a backup is available for every component.
  • Guaranteed power supply, even during a massive black-out.

Guaranteed day and night supportThe best care for your server

It is midnight, your server fails, and no one is available to help you. Not if you chose Combell. We are available to assist you 24/7 with concrete solutions.

  • free support
  • Via a toll-free number or e-mail
  • You can directly talk to experts instead of call centre operators
  • Optionally, we can even monitor your server 24/7

Excellent protection of your serverMalware and hackers do not get a chance to attack you

Your server at Combell is protected by dedicated firewalls that keep hackers and malware away.

Our data centres are even protected against DDoS attacks, which means your server can withstand such attacks too.

Which server should I choose?Find out in our guide

High-traffic websites

Do you have a high-traffic website? Then, you need to make sure that your server can handle all that traffic. If it cannot, your website will slow down or, in the worst-case scenario, it will go offline.

Our advice:

Multiple (small) websites on a single server

In order to host multiple websites on a single server, you need to ensure that it has sufficient space, databases and power to handle all the traffic.

Our advice:

Business-critical websites and applications

In order to host a website or application that is critical to your business (e.g. a web store or CRM system), you should definitely go for a server that provides the necessary uptime guarantees. This is the best way to avoid downtime.

Our advice:

Handling traffic peaks and troughs

If traffic on your website is heavily dependent on time factors, it is recommended that you go for a very flexible server solution – one that allows you to scale resources up or down at all times. This will help you save money by using a lighter server at slower times.

Our advice:

  • Managed hosting with load balancers and virtualisation.
  • OpenStack, where orchestration allows you to automate the setup of your server environment based on your current traffic.

Simple test server

Do you just need a server to test your website or application before publishing it online? Then, a simple server will often do the trick.

Our advice:

  • Virtual Private Server (VPS) that allows you to set up a test environment in addition to your live environment.
  • OpenStack, which allows you to start a simple server from 5 EUR/month. If necessary, even for just a couple of hours.

Outsourcing of IT infrastructure

Are you looking for an alternative to yourown in-house servers? Let our experts take care of all or part of your business-critical infrastructure.

Our advice:

  • Tailored managed hosting, for which our experts provide a full setup tailored to the needs of your company. A direct connection to your offices makes it possible to access your data everywhere in no time.

Working in the cloud/Virtual desktop

Do your colleagues need to access their computer anywhere? We can help you! With an Online Desktop solution, every collaborator can easily log in to his own computer in the cloud, using any device.

Our advice:

  • Online desktop, for which we tailor everything to your needs and install your chosen programs.
  • Cloud server, to which all your colleagues can connect.

An e-mail server for your e-mail campaigns

Configure your own server to send your e-mail campaigns. This way, you will maximise your chances of having your e-mails arrive successfully in your recipients’ inbox.

Our advice:

Backup server

Make sure that you always have a working backup environment available in case of emergency.

Our advice:

  • Tailored managed hosting, for which we set up a hybrid backup environment on our infrastructure, ready to take over if something goes wrong with yours.

Game server

Play online with your friends on your own gaming server.

Our advice:

Do you want free advice on servers?

Our specialists are available 24/7 for free advice.
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