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Virtual private servers or VPSs are becoming increasingly popular with web developers on account of the multitude of software that they support and their affordable prices. For your peace of mind, Combell offers different levels of support. Below, you can see how you can register your VPS for full time monitoring, backups and advanced support.

The freedom of having a private server without having to spend more money than you should

Virtual Private Servers or VPSs are an ideal compromise between your own dedicated server and shared accounts. The Virtuozzo virtualisation technology offers the same root access, independence and safety as private dedicated machines but on a smaller scale. It is unnecessary to buy your own software here, which makes the server more affordable.

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Your VPS server is managed by our specialists

Standard VPS management includes: navigation in the control panel and backup recovery, backup, unlimited traffic, firewall protection, IP address and root access. Moreover, you can upgrade your support contract: 1 hour of personal support or our basic SLA support. Other upgrade possibilities are: e-mail backup and secondary DNS, extra IP address and SSL, Plesk control panel and LAMP configuration.

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Daily backups

A backup is made every 24 hours. It is stored outside of your VPS package. In case of a software error or failure, you can have your VPS data restored from a previous snapshot. If you are experiencing trouble, you can always contact our helpdesk, since even the basic helpdesk package will cover your backup.

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Unlimited traffic with each VPS

The architecture of Combell's managed VPSs allows us to offer unlimited data traffic. You can rest assured that you will avoid nasty surprises when your websites will gain in popularity; you should not worry about your website becoming unavailable or about surcharges added to your monthly invoice. Go for Combell, and we will build the future together.

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Our VPS specialists are available every day for free advice. Feel free to contact Matthias and his colleagues via e-mail or by telephone.

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