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The best tips for starting your web storeStart your own webstore

Do you secretly dream of starting your own web store? You are not the only one! Do you ask yourself ”How can I start a web store?” Once again, other people do too. This is why we are happy to tell you what is paramount when you plan to launch a web store.

  • Pick a good domain name
  • Start a web store using WordPress, Joomla or Drupal
  • Hosting and security for your web store
  • Make sure people can find your web store on the Internet

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Starting a web store with an appropriate domain name

Have you decided what product you want to sell? Then, the next step is to find a good name for your web store. Although you might think that this is the easiest part of the plan, it is actually quite complicated. The best you can do is be original, but at the same time, you should pick a name that people will easily remember. It is therefore preferable that you start a web store with a meaningful website name. It is handy to immediately check the availability of the domain names you come up with.

Check the availability of your domain name

Start a web store using WordPress

WordPress is a user-friendly content management system (CMS) that allows you to very easily update the content of your website. Do not forget, however, that WordPress was actually designed to create blogs, not web stores. This problem can be fixed using a plugin, such as the widely used WooCommerce platform. This plugin will e.g. help you add categories, special offers and payment methods without any difficulty.

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Starting a web store using Magento

WordPress is not the only content management system (CMS) you can use to create a web store. Today, Magento is even the most popular web store system available. Magento offers many tools that trigger the involvement of users and allow for better navigation.

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Starting a web store using Joomla or Drupal

You can also start a web store using some more complex systems. Two well-known CMSs are Joomla and Drupal. These systems both offer many more features than others do. Joomla is a fully modular CMS. Once the website is ready, you can add or delete content yourself without any difficulty. And the same goes for Drupal. Moreover, you can find a lot of information about these systems via communities.

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Hosting and security of your web store

Once your web store is ready, you obviously need to get it online. However, do not start your own web store before you find the best hosting services for your site. We at Combell provide first-class web hosting services. We indeed protect your websites or applications at four different levels, from the data centre to your application. Based on the principle that ‘prevention is better than cure’, Combell Shield comes with a set of tools that guarantee permanent protection. Moreover, Combell holds an ISO 27001:2013 certificate, which means that our efforts to improve information security are also regularly validated by external auditors.

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